What Information Does A Lawyer Need To Make A Will In Willetton?

February 19, 2024    Wills Lawyers Perth
What Information Does A Lawyer Need To Make A Will In Willetton?

The process of creating a will is more complicated than it seems. It is not only about the distribution of properties and assets. However, the process has been made easier with the help of the best wills lawyers in Willetton experienced in this field.

To provide a helping hand, lawyers of Perth also require necessary information, including the list of assets left, who is appointed executor, funeral requirements, and so on.

The primary function of a will lawyer is to advise and accompany the executor in performing the execution of the deceased person’s Will. To begin, a probate has to be granted to prove the validity of the Will.

Probate in Willetton, Western Australia

The Probate office of the Supreme Court of Western Australia is responsible for granting probates. Probate is a certificate that reaffirms that the Will is valid. The appointed executor must apply for a Probate to initiate the will distribution process.

An application must be submitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia to apply. This must be done within fourteen days of the death. After that, the executor or anyone appointed for administration can proceed with the next steps. One can apply for a Probate grant by filling out an online form. With the help of a lawyer, please fill out the online form and submit it at the Probate office.

But before that, a will has to be created with the help of a lawyer.

Information Required to Make a Will in Willetton

Well-experienced wills and probate lawyers of Willetton must be consulted before you begin to prepare your Will. Often, casually written will be invalid for not abiding by the legal conditions. This can be avoided by conferring with a lawyer. For productively executing the whole process, there is some information that lawyers must be made aware of.

1. List of Assets

Before writing a will, the lawyer must know about the properties or assets kept for friends or family members. With this information, your wills lawyer in Willetton can suggest if they are valid enough to be listed in the Will. Your lawyer needs to know how these assets are owned as well.

2. Assigned Executor

You may have already decided who you want to assign as an executor. An executor is assigned to carry out required legal processes, from applying for a Grant of Probate to distributing assets. Who can you assign as an executor?

  • It may be a family member, close friend, acquaintance, or lawyer.
  • It must be a person you can trust.
  • They should be unbiased when required.
  • They must be from the same state or territory.

If the executor is anyone other than a lawyer, they must work closely with your wills and estate lawyers. It is advised to inform your lawyer beforehand as the executor performs the most important operations after the deceased’s death.

3. Testamentary Trust or Inheritance

Your lawyer must be aware of trusts of life estates. A lawyer can help you understand if testamentary trusts, which you can create in your Will, will be more beneficial than giving away your properties. These trusts are funds kept aside for the minor members or disabled members of your family or friend circles.

4. The Will-Makers Wishes

Often, the need for clarity in the will-maker’s expression of their wishes can result in a flawed will. You must be clear about your intentions of who the beneficiaries will be and which of your assets you are willing to donate. Based on this, your lawyer can advise you on choosing between life interests, testamentary trusts, keeping gifts, or other asset distribution methods.

Concluding Thoughts

Though Australian law states that anyone over the age of 18 with a sound mind can prepare their own Will, it is important to consult a wills lawyer in Willetton. It might seem like a nerve-wracking process in the beginning. But with the help of a lawyer, the process becomes much smoother.

Before beginning, remember to collect all the important documents. It helps speed up the process of writing a will but also helps ease the process of the executor. State your intentions, list your properties and assets, and provide as much information to your lawyer as possible to create a flawless will.

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