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Only the assets owned by the individual will be passed on to the estate of the individual and will be controlled under the will of the individual.

What Will Happen To The Assets If They Are Jointly Owned?

There are lots of terms and conditions related to any asset with much legal issues to be dealt with. Contact Wills Lawyers Perth to properly understand all the legal issues regarding the assets not controlled by will.

If an asset was jointly owned by individual with another person then the assets would be directly passed to the other person upon the death of the individual. The other person would now become the sole administrator of the estate independent of the will of the individual.

The above happens only involving relatives involving family, such as when the death of husband let the wife have the authority over their joint ventures. The only exception in this case is the joint venture on tenants. In such case the Will of the individual is followed differently than passing the asset to the other person.

If an individual is the sole owner of the estate than all the properties starting from bank accounts to the real estate investments will be dealt by the court according to the will made by the individual.

If an asset is a venture of an organization but was administered under an another individual, then the asset would not be a part of the estate of the individual. In such cases it would be divided among the organization with everyone receiving their own rightful share.

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What About Life Insurance?

Any individual making a life insurance often nominates a person from their family like their spouse or children. The proceedings of the life insurance are directly paid to the beneficiaries and are not controlled under the will of the individual.

An individual is liable to make the insurance a part of their asset by nominating the estate, then the proceedings of the life insurance will pass on to the individual’s assets and will be dealt according to the will.

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