How Are Assets Distributed In A Deceased Estate In WA?

February 2, 2024    Wills Lawyers Perth
How Are Assets Distributed In A Deceased Estate In WA?

Everybody who passes away leaves behind unfinished business. Even if they lack a bank account or a house. Beneficiaries frequently want to alter how a deceased estate is distributed. Asset distribution must be undertaken in case of Assets Not Controlled by Will lawyers in Perth.

Upon death, an individual’s estate could require formal handling. This could rely on the departed individual’s assets, worth, whereabouts, and ownership structure. In Western Australia, a proper individual must assume the legal and practical administration of a deceased estate. Although not skill-specific, the task might be tedious. Let’s examine the specifics below.

On the Event Of

Certain investigations need to be conducted by an Asset Lawyer in Perth when an estate needs to be administered formally. Does a legitimate will exist? Does it appoint an executor? If so, is the executor competent, willing, and able to complete the task? The responses determine whether an executor files for a Grant of Probate from the Supreme Court or whether the Court should designate an executor under Letters of Administration.

A capable and competent adult must take over the management of the deceased person’s estate. In Washington, an executor or administrator are the two categories of personal representatives authorized to manage a deceased person’s estate.

What is an Executor?

In Western Australia, a testator appoints an executor to administer their estate posthumously when they write a will. An executor’s duties are numerous and varied, but their main responsibility is to protect the estate’s assets during the probate process and until the correct beneficiaries receive them. You need to contact a wills and estates lawyer in Perth urgently if you find your executor to be biased or unjust.

Duties Of The Executor

When entrusted with the role of an executor for an estate in Western Australia, a series of critical duties must be navigated to ensure the seamless administration and distribution of assets according to the deceased’s wishes. Let’s delve into the essential points that encapsulate the multifaceted duties of an executor in the administration of an estate:

  • Grant of Probate Application: The executor initiates the legal process by applying to the Supreme Court for a Grant of Probate to validate their administrative role.
  • Asset Collection and Valuation: Upon the issuance of the Grant, the executor is responsible for gathering the estate’s assets, assigning them a value, and ensuring their protection until they are no longer under their responsibility.
  • Asset Safeguarding: This involves purchasing insurance, managing business interests and income, or investing idle money to safeguard the assets.
  • Legal Defense: The executor must defend the estate against any legal challenges or contests that may arise.
  • Income Tax Responsibilities: Lodging the final income tax return on behalf of the deceased is the executor’s duty. They must consult with an accountant and the ATO to address any outstanding tax liabilities of the estate.
  • Debt Settlement: Using the estate’s cash and, if necessary, selling assets, the executor pays off eligible debts of the deceased.
  • Residuary Estate Distribution: Once the debts are settled, the executor divides the residual estate and distributes it as closely as possible to the wishes expressed in the will.
  • Beneficiary Notification and Asset Transfer: The executor notifies all beneficiaries, prepares statements for each, and proceeds to transfer the assets accordingly.
  • Trust Establishment: If the will mandates the establishment of trusts, the executor is responsible for ensuring compliance with the deceased’s wishes.

What is a Probate?

A certificate of probate is issued by the Supreme Court of Western Australia’s Probate Office. It signifies the approval and filing of the deceased person’s will by wills and probate lawyers in Perth. It is also the designation of an executor to oversee the deceased person’s assets.

Probate may be given commonly or formally. When a will’s legality is contested, and legal proceedings have begun or are about to begin, solemn form is provided. A common form is authorized when there is no disagreement, and the will may be validated without a trial or witness testimony.


A deceased estate can be simple or complex depending on the assets and personal relationships of the beneficiaries. Don’t risk an inheritance to find out. If the executor does not perform their duties with appropriate care and diligence, then you can be eligible to apply for a removal and replacement. Many Wills Lawyers in Perth WA and services can assist with administering an estate.

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